A Musical Design

Cap Kotz
2 min readMay 27
Author and Midjourney

In the past, I collaborated with talented people to produce and perform three musicals. Then life demands took over, and I turned my focus on generating enough money to retire, choosing to open Cappy’s Boxing Gym, Seattle, WA. Coaching is a design-rich practice, and owning a small business requires creative flow, and by the time it came to retiring, I had a reasonably solid baseline for the Fourth Musical. So I left the big city to live in a small seaport town.

First, I assessed patterns I wanted to interrupt or strengthen and began the journey by replacing my coach mindset with a guiding mindset. One difference between coaching and guiding is walking with others instead of telling them what to do. I have a coaching talent — I read body language and energy patterns and have a knack for forward visionary design. However, I discovered telling others how to train kept me separate from myself because I mistook this skill as evidence I was heard. The problem with this deep fake is that neural wiring kept me stuck in an unheard pattern. So, I set out on the path to interrupt and reset this wiring.

As I engaged in one Inner Trek after another, identifying and categorizing patterns, I kept Scoring Notes. For example, if I cleared out toxic shame pockets, I called on the ChantSingers and Orchestra to create a lush and tragic tale of annihilating disintegration. Choreographer Avatar brought the dancers in for rehearsal, adding possible dance moves that might be used in the final production. I envision the Fourth Musical not as a performance piece but as an interactive experience similar to D&D, the infamous role-playing game. That’s a way down the road, but the details fill in, and the objective is more tangible.

Cap Kotz

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