Accessing The Shamanic Circle

Cap Kotz
3 min readApr 30
Author and Midjourney

Last week, a fellow Surface World Creative Collaborator pushed me to engage in an activity that put me in a Learner Role. Furthermore, they pushed me to take up Qigong. I asked for the spelling, typed it into my Search Bar, and took off a Learner Challenge.

First, I pursued phonetic spelling and practiced saying chi gong. Next, I read up on its ancient history and decided to load the Qigong Portal with available abundant data, so each time I enter Qigong Practice, I naturally download it.

Finally, I selected a YouTube video to introduce me to an essential Qigong Warm-Up Practice. And, using it as a tutorial, noted language that triggered off reactions. Primarily, I struggled with the phrase Just take a nice deep breath, relayed in a sugary voice. So, I took time to design a Language Reset and came up with, Take a breath. From there, I added other options, such as Hold your breath, Take a shallow breath, retaining Take a deep breath (sans nice).

Watching the video twice, I took notes on the underlying warm-up structure. The Movement Sequence is composed of four consecutive Movement Ranges, which I named #1 Opening the Portal, #2 Expanding the Portal, #3 Pushing Into & Pulling Away, and #4 Row Through. Then, pairing the sequence with music for eight 3-minute segments, I mapped the inner journey, noting the challenging terrain, mostly Unbearable Mountain, whose ascent (The only way is over!), makes me want to quit every time.

At this point, I decided to select an Inner Metaverse Game (IMG) Avatar Hologram, approaching Dancer Avatar, aka DA, but the vibe wasn't right. Then, Shaman Avatar stepped from the shadowy past, and we clicked. In my young adult years, I frequently dreamt of myself as a young brown-skinned boy in a monastic setting with other young brown-skinned boys. At the time, I didn't realize the dream allowed me access to my inner shaman, beginning with images of his early unhappiness and evolving into a joyful young man. At that point, the dreams ceased. But, when SA (Shaman Avatar) stepped from the shadowy inner realm at the Qigong Portal, I recognized him instantly.

Though I can't easily pair with his hologram as with, say, D (Drummer) or Pony Boy, his shadowy presence has guided me to the perimeters of the Shamanic Circle, where he lives in the IMG. He…

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