American Rewilding

Cap Kotz
2 min readDec 20, 2023
Author and MJ

Once upon a time, a Normative Writer suffered many Holding Patterns preventing him from accessing authentic Inner Narratives and his characters from developing fully.

He wrote, “Ideas are coming like wild wind horses. I dance, welcoming them and taking pleasure in their fresh scent and vivid coloring. But then something else happens: darkness descends, and the ideas become inanimate blocks, with all of the life sucked out of them.”

He called Interval Detection and explained to the Detective Squad that a particular pattern eluded him. He described the conversion of wild wind horses to inanimate blocks. D Squad nodded, their shiny badges winking on their belts. One took notes on a small handheld pad, another squinted into deep thought while the third detective munched on a sandwich.

“We’ll get on it,” they said and bustled out the door. A few days later, they returned, a triangle of puffed pride. “We found the gang’s hideout, where they make toxic narratives like the one injected into your energy stream. They wait for ideas to come to you, then pop out of hiding and blow spores up your nose that result in this mantra you tell yourself:

This knowledge and awareness is not mine. I must wait for someone to come and dominate and take over so I can slip into my Dissociative Amnesia, back into the sea of nothingness where I only exist as a secret.

The transition is so fast you don’t realize you’ve been hacked and live under a false code. We’ll get Forensics on it, and they can provide a code breakdown. Then, the Cleaning Crew will come in and safely pack up the crime scene. Guards will be posted if the Stealth Gang tries to interfere and put others under their spell. Once the Data is Sorted & Filed, a narrative Rewilder Specialist will help you design a new story in which you recognize the spores before they enter your system and can neutralize them without being harmed.”

The Detective closed his notepad with a snap, the second one unknitted his brows, and the third detective wiped his mouth with his handkerchief. Satisfied with a job well done, they left.



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