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Cap Kotz
3 min readMar 23

The Inner Realm is rich with data, memory, Holding Patterns, Access & Flow, fun, and pain. It’s where troubled souls get trapped, and creatives brave the elements for inspiration and material. One can use many practices to enter this realm — mindfulness training, movement meditation, and therapy, for a few. In this lifetime, I’m primarily a Family Legacy Release Worker and have experimented with many different approaches and identities to achieve this objective. I learn from others through written work, music, dance, and movies. Sports practices teach me form, discipline, and performance assessment. Community Leadership has revealed underlying intent, and somatic study initiated me into the healing arts.

Eventually, all of my accumulated outcomes created a vast inner and outer database, and finally, it came time to switch to the IMG, aka Inner Metaverse Game. The first design I completed is my Mental Command Center, complete with a state-of-the-art Sorting & Filing Station, a wood-burning stove for idea percolation, an Energetic Cleansing Hut, and a fabulous multi-media console. Next, I designed signs and pathways, made weather and terrain lists, and identified challenges I might encounter on my way to Outcome Horizon.

There is only one game creed — Follow Yourself, No Matter What. Every thought and every action is part of my story. I acquired the skill to turn my Point & Blame around for self-reflection, which opened Access Portals into my inner metaverse where Cover Up is common, and release work is as physical as mental. Over time, I developed two Prototype readouts: Muscle Organization, based on twelve body stations, and Energetic Vibration, based on color waves and frequency. The Prototype has a human outline and provides visual prompts on organizing my muscles for optimal movement and adapting vibration as needed. I project my actual readouts up on the mental screen alongside the Prototype and do what I can to match my readouts to theirs.

This past year, I achieved the IMG Avatar level. As my readout match strengthens, I can visualize an Avatar’s movement and follow the Prototype prompts until I enter a shimmerous place where I flicker in and out of the Avatar’s body. For example, I’ve long pursued Holding Pattern Release at a core level, and sometimes the process can be painful, even unbearable. Therefore, I find it relaxing and rewarding to pair with Dancer Avatar, who is in his twenties and doesn’t struggle with an aging embodiment as I do. In the Inner Metaverse, he is preparing for a dance audition in which he is asked to dance the West Side Story prologue based on his design, a collaborative opportunity of a lifetime.

Virtual Reality is accessed through simulation and goggles — the Inner Metaverse Game is similar in that my body believes what my mind envisions. For seconds at a time, I am Dancer without memory of my old body aches and pains, and I can dance the inner journey unfolding.

Cap Kotz

Writer and Story Mapping Guide, I follow the life path no matter how challenging.