You might experience drawing anxiety or take pleasure in doodling. If you encounter drawing anxiety, use doodling as a wayof practicing your empty thoughts technique. Start with drawing a path, a sign and a stick figure symbolizing you. A path can be one or two lines. A sign is a series of connected lines, and a stick figure has a circle or oval for a head and lines for arms, trunk and legs. Alternate your empty thoughts methods and your dump judgment technique. Anxiety, after all, is created from thoughts identifying a situation as requiring defense or protection. Next, toxic thoughts, critical judgment, come in for the kill, providing sound reason not to doodle.

If you enjoy doodling, you start your doodle with openness or curiosity. This could be thwarted if perfectionism pushes into the driver’s seat, causing you get back on the judgment track. A critical rain storm ensues, and you either fight through or give up.

Doodling is the art of drawing without attachment to outcome. Follwo the lines on the paper, observe what flows through you without judgment. Doodling can contribute keeping you between overthinking and checking out. In other words, a kind of portal to your inner self. And, hopping on the self-awareness path is a process of looking for signs of authentic emergence. becoming familiar with how to read, interpret and follow them.

According to behavior specialist Ingrid Seger-Woznicki, “we [doodle] because we’re problem solving on an unconscious level, and seeking to create our life without stressing about it.”

Life presents obstacles to be dealt with, whether to be ignored, confronted or cleared. Drawing a map of your journey, doodling big boulders obstructing your path and you the stick figure pushing, pulling, punching or otherwise dealing with the boulders, can contribute to inner connection. So, doodle. Empty thoughts, dump judgment and doodle.

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Cap Kotz

Cap Kotz


Writer and Story Mapping Guide, I follow the life path no matter how challenging.