First Steps To Clearing Obstacles From The Path

Cap Kotz
2 min readJul 22, 2021

What are the obstacles in your path? Anxiety, procrastination, self-doubt? Are people holding you back? Is your path restricted by social restraints? Here are some tips from the manual, Clearing Obstacles From the Path.

Get to know the obstacles in your path better:

Vibrational levels can categorize anxiety. For example, does the anxiety you encounter vibrate closer to the heart (calm) or closer to a swarm of bees (threatening)? From the calm end of the range, you can dare to raise your vibration, and from the swarm end of the range, grab onto an anchor and hang on until the weather front passes.

A procrastinator is a persona. They enjoy running things and are not shy about doing exactly that. Find out their name, pronoun preference, and the role they play in the scheme of things. Plotting strategy for derailing Procrastinators takes time. Settle in and take them seriously. Get to know who they are.

Self-doubt is a story and interrupting it calls for a sustainable story reset. So call on your Inner Journalist to follow Self-doubt around and get the scoop. Find out more about the self-doubt syndicate infrastructure. It’s got to be an inside job.

Are people the problem? The most direct way of dealing with obstacle-people is to turn what you see in others around as self-reflection. If you’re not sure you embrace that belief, get on the internet and find out what others are saying. Select an Open Mind Channel and explore how it might be more direct for clearing obstacles if you see self-reflection in what you say about others.

Social restraints are complex, and you will need a complex strategy to remove these obstacles from your path. Get grounded. If you don’t feel grounded, upgrade your grounding method. Slow down, look for gaps between steps that need more detail. Fill in the details and test the new steps out. Good luck!

Cap Kotz

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