Inner Persona Roles

Cap Kotz
2 min readFeb 10, 2021

Your inner personas have different names. Most people are familiar with the critic, the coach, the child, but there are others. Procrastinator, Lost, Feel Bad, the Soldier and the Sensualist. Personas have distinct characteristics and roles they assume.

The Procrastinator puts off completing things on your to-do list until another day. He, or she, provides you with excuses, gets you off the hook of being responsible. Sooner or later, the tasks on your to-do list will need to be done. It would be easy for the Critic to shout and yell, lay down the law, or the Soldier could be brought in to provide disciplined action. The Sensualist might use their charm to encourage taking pleasure in completing the to-do list, and the Child might pout and protest.

Write down every aspect of yourself that comes to mind. Do you feel lost sometimes? Name the persona, Lost, provide them with a role. It’s likely that Lost lets you know when you are uncertain, or they might also provide excuses for not being present, to wander about, distracted.

You are likely to have different aged inner kids. Ones who hide, feel abandoned, rush to get your attention. You might identify a persona who suffers from toxic shame. Give them a name, write down what their characteristics are and their role in the complex emotional world that is you.

Cap Kotz

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