Lack and Envy Are Friends

Cap Kotz
2 min readJun 17, 2024
Author and MJ

Lack has anger issues. He sees the world in black and white, not as beautiful, but as something to conquer and turn in his favor. He lacks money, attention, love, fame…the list rolls on, signs dotting his landscape with harsh lettering.

Envy is different. He loves nothing better than to lounge in spells cast by others. He drinks in their color, envious without rancor. He has no aspirations for himself but to drift on the waves created by Influencers.

“Don’t you understand?” Lack accuses Envy of being densely stupid. “It’s not right. Some people get everything they want while others do not.”

Envy drinks in the angry vibrations, dissolving briefly as the experience passes through him.

Lack paces from one wall to another, slamming his fist on the painted surfaces before turning and surging in the other direction. “We have to make something of ourselves,” he exclaimed. “We got to get what is ours!”

Lack doesn’t remember how he came to hang with Envy. They were nothing alike, but something clicked, and there they were, keeping company most of the time. He had plans on the best way to make something of themselves and laid them out on the table.

Envy admired the detailed pen-and-ink map with pencil shading showing a Path into a Forest with a distant mountain top. A Big Sign on…



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