Lonely Guy

Cap Kotz
2 min readJun 9, 2024
Author and MJ

Lonely Guy, a tall, wispy persona, moves in and out, waif grey, never far from music. He wasn’t acknowledged in the Persona Boardroom until five years ago when I moved from public life in the city to a small seaside town where I didn’t know anyone. Lonely Guy appeared in the shadowy outskirts of the Mental Command Center. I had never formally met him, and in these past five years, I’ve come to appreciate his complex and misunderstood role.

At first, I thought I was lonely for collaboration. Accustomed to a steady diet of creative projects, I sought to fill the gap, but my efforts didn’t appease Lonely Guy. He aggresses from the shadows, and I could hear him in the kitchen chopping wood and feeding the wood stove. Thinking he might want some company, I joined him, but the atmosphere became tense, and I left.

Chop, chop, chop, a lonely cadence chipping into my heart.

Lonely Guy has a Bluetooth Boom Box slung over his shoulder by a brown leather strap. I don’t know his playlist because he wears bulky, black headphones, but I compiled a list of lonely evocative songs watching him dance, lost in a seemingly beautiful ache.

Al Green, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart.

Lonely Guy sent me a text: You understand now that you’ve been lonely to recognize your brokenness. Instead, you tried to fix it and make it go away.



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