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Cap Kotz
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I’m on the 68-year cusp, and my writer’s PromptCraft Midjourny Link brought in this image response to: a male young adult white tank top podcast music producer and social leader. This is my IMG (Inner Metaverse Game) DJ Avatar, aka DJ A.

DJ A puts on Xtreme Dance Events at the Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA. First, he selects a theme. Some of the more memorable themes have been Anxiety, Shame, Weighed Down, and, most recently, LGBTQ Lifestyle Eradication. As legislative bills closed in on the community, he felt helpless to effect the toxic wave flaring across America. Even though he wasn’t an integral part of the community, an authoritarian takeover targeting select people involves all citizens. As he read the mounting reports online, his anxiety called for immediate action.

Typically, DJ A’s Theme Events brought together music from different genres, but the diverse LGBTQ community called for a simpler pairing, and after much experimentation, he decided to go with disco. Emerging in the early 1970s as an urban nightlife dance throb, it brought many communities together with its four-on-the-floor beats and hustle vibe.

DJ A reached out to his videographer to collaborate on the backdrop. Since they exist in the IMG, they can adapt the environment as needed, so they expanded the walls, polished the floor, and put in full surround video and VR screens. They decided not to take a common marches and flags route but to splice dance moves as interpreted primarily by LGBTQ, Italian, Latino, and Black Americans, with weather fronts, mild to violent.

The first song of the set, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, Leo Sayer, 1976, opens with a soft voice ripple platform for his uptempo full tenor, easing the dancers into a four-beat groove. The visual surround shows the gentle lap of waves on a lakeshore where a young native boy taps a shell against a rock in a steady, yet lively, four-beat.

DJ A segues to I Love The Nightlife, Alicia Bridges, 1978, an irresistible smooth flush four beat that transcends everyday life. The visual surround puts the dancers into a treetop wave action, leaf green to black and grey-green, a mycelium chorus calling everyone home.

And the dance event unfolds, igniting awareness through the generational release

Cap Kotz

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