Pelvic Bowl Drumming Circle

The Pelvic Bowl Drummers gather on a Sunday afternoon in the name of healing for self, family, community and all of humankind. They sit outside, comfortably spaced in a circle. The person fulfilling the role of Structure & Content Coordinator welcomes the drummrs to the circle. The drumming group is hosted by LABLC, which stands for Live A Boxer’s Lifestyle Club, a community club that focuses on getting in shape for and handling everyday matches such as anxiety, self-doubt and other mindsets that create stuck energy and life patterns.

The Structure & Content Coordinator asks if anyone wants to add to the never ending scroll down of things to be on the lookout for, such as signs of approaching self-consciousness or uncomfortable feelings. One drummer says they are ready to explore signs of deeper access to anxiety; another says they are on the lookout for signs they self-criticize so they can interrupt that pattern. The drummers share new Tips & Reminders signs they have been exploring of late, such as, Just be uncomfortable, it won’t be the end of you. Think of it as weather, it will pass. Storms can be exciting.

They observe visuals from the Club Visual Binder or ones they pull up on their phones of the pelvic bowl and the psoas, the muscle that splits off from the bottom of the spine inside the pelvic bowl and attaches to the leg sockets. Somone selects a slow song to warm up to, and everyone engages the basic pelvic bowl positions. Tilt when the sit bones point to the rear, scoop when the sit bones point forward and neutral when the sit bones point directly down. The drummers bounce lightly on their sit bones. Uprock when the hips are alternately swung upward in a salsa move, and pelvic bowl Wag when the hips alternately move forward and back.

Observing a pelvic bowl visual, they select another song, something with a steady beat, not too fast, not too slow. They hold padded air drumsticks, feel the weight and texture of them. Starting at the top of the hips on either side, they tap down into the pelvic bowl valley, all the way down to the front pubic bone. Moving away from center, they tap to the leg sockets on either side of the pelvic bowl. They follow the song up to the upper ridge of the bowl and play the ridge to the backbone. Observing a visual of the psoas, they drum away the tension in this magnificent muscle. They follow the split all the way down inside of the pelvic bowl where the psoas attaches to the inner leg sockets, both sides of the bowl.

Finally, all warmed up, they take turns selecting songs that take them on a journey of release and healing for self, family, community and all of humankind. As anyone knows who has taken part in a drumming circle, it is a transformative experience.



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Cap Kotz

Cap Kotz

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