Quad Visualization

The Quadriceps Family are four muscles strong. They connect the inner knee to the leg sockets, lower pelvic bowl on the outside of the leg. Whether fit or flabby, they contribute to leg muscle organization.

The quads are commonly overworked with weightlifting programs, seen as bulging examples of power and strength. Actually, their primary role is to stabilize the knees, and when they get bulky, they become overly encouraged to “look amazing.” Conversely, when they get flabby, they are commonly ignored and/or despised. Either way, their primary role is to stabilize the knees, not be amazing or ignored.

Your quads need you to help them do their job. Visualize your inner knees. It helps to touch the inside of your knees for hands-on awareness. Visualize your leg sockets. You might not know where the leg sockets are located, and if you don’t, you are again abandoning the quads. They depend on you to see them lengthening from inner knee to leg socket instead of bunching or getting lost and lax. Observe visuals of the inner knee and the leg sockets so you can visualize your quads long and strong.