Sar and Mag’s Secret Code

Cap Kotz
2 min readJan 7, 2024

Author and MJ

Sar Torious and Mag Nus are closer than cousins and neighbors as well. Sar lives just South of Inside Knee Joint Junction, and Mag resides a small block to the North. However, they govern different territories. Sar crosses the Great Thigh Plane and sends down roots at the top of The Bowl on the opposite side of town, the longest muscle path in the body.

Mag, the Adductors Five drummer, a lesser known band with remarkable talent, keeps the beat going from Inside Knee Joint Junction directly North to Sit Bone Ridge, on the underside of The Bowl,

Though the duo are closer than cousins at home, their roles take them in different directions, and they rely on a code they’ve come up with to stay in touch. Mag remains musically tight with the Adductors Five, but Sar goes it alone. When he gets shut down by Chronic Bowl misalignment, he can’t code connect with Mag, and then Quad Crew bunches up, creating an energy jamming barrier, and Sar is lost.

Mag gets shut down, too, but he can always switch from snare to Taki Drum beats and Sar dances, sending color vibes to unjam tension barriers.

When all is aligned and black violets dissolve into a mystical constellation of mycelium threads, Sar and Mag share stories of their many adventures gently aging downstream.

Plot Line for Episode 2:

Chronic Pelvic Bowl (PB) imbalance sets off Sar’s activation, and Mag is activated as he passes Mag’s Attachment Home. Sar seeks to grip the PB crest and hold on while the breach fills in, depending on Mag’s success in securing a robust and flexible path to Sit Bone Ridger. Then, Gluteus Medias (GM) is activated, and he pulls his lever to establish open communication with Leg Socket (LS) so it can send a communication to Quad Crew to paddle harder upstream.



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