Self Assessment Technique

Cap Kotz
2 min readMay 31, 2021

Wikipedia describes self-assessment as a process that drives self-evaluation, self-identity, and self-enhancement. As your self-awareness treks get longer, it is advised to upgrade your self-assessment techniques and tactics. We’re not that much different than our devices — we, too, need updates and upgrades pretty regularly.

Assess your Catch & Empty Thoughts technique. How effective is it? Take a moment to write down the details of your investigation. What are the steps of the technique? If the steps are non-esxixtent or spotty, fill them in, at least a few of them. The process of doing this gives you self-awareness points. Test your technique by intentionally thinking negative thoughts that you generally repress. If you can hear the thoughts loud and clear, you get a bunch of self-awareness points. Use your Catch & Empty Thoughts technique to test its effectiveness. More points.

Follow the same process to test your Dump Judgment technique. Next, hop on the Mindfulness Path. Your map is filling in with details. You’ve placed signs that inform you of upcoming Reactive Patterns, Weather Fronts and Terrain Challenge. You’ve added Way Stations for Training & Tools, Rest & Recovery, Dosing & Fueling and Fun Games. But, how much of this picture is conceptual only? A conceptual self assessment is defnitely a Level-up. First step, clarify what it means when a picure you envision is conceptual only. Reach out to others, virtual or in person, to connect with differnt perspectives on this topic. When you are better acquainted with your definition, then you can decide whether you want to remain at that level or not.

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