Shame Lay Upon The Land

Cap Kotz
2 min readMay 18
Cred: Author and MidJourney

Shame is an Inner Realm Overlord. He controls vast checkered patterns, fields of perception, and mountains of accessible data. I did not know him by name for many years because he masked as Defensive, Knight of Protection. Defensive and Jujdgment were close buddies, and Shame paired them to build a strong wall, separating me from my inner self. Shame is aware the more I Release Trek to the Interior, the less hold he will have. He had no worries as long as I followed Defensive and Judgment, building walls painted to reflect success.

Someone called me out for exercising defensiveness instead of listening, and I denied it until I could hear the defensive tones in my voice. I followed the tones, marking muscle organization patterns. I noted tense, forward-shifting neck and shoulders, shallow breath, and locked knees. Not a pattern I wanted to continue strengthening, so I designed a 12 Muscle Organization Station Grid and hopped on the Self Awareness Path for some serious Release Treks.

First, I filled the 12 Muscle Organizations with visuals and possible Story Choices. For example, I have a variety of visuals for my Soles — walking barefoot in the sand, a line grid, or a reflexology chart, for starters. My choice of stories varies from frozen to running. As I filled in the other MO Station visuals and stories, I could interrupt major defensive patterns and recode them for Energy Exchange.

As Defensive faded away, Judgment had to work all the harder to keep the false protection walls from crumbling. I had no idea how much he dominated the checkered fields of incoming signal conversion to masking practice. As long as I pointed out others as uninformed and shallow, I didn’t have to acknowledge my narrow life force range. Somewhere along the way, I stumbled on a hidden treasure cache, most notably a stack of cards for developing an Energy Pattern Readout.

As I descended into vibration fields into music, I got glimpses of a regal figure in crimson and gold checkered clothes turning the land he walked on the same colored pattern. I learned his name — Shame, and his role as Overlord provides him with many masking opportunities, thus separating me from my inner feelings and experience. I also learned that hacking his code is nearly impossible due to a mycelium-type network untraceable in a muscle organization readout and barely discerned through energetic vibration. But I signed up for the trek, anyway. That crimson and gold checkered pattern pulls me in.

Cap Kotz

Writer and Story Mapping Guide, I follow the life path no matter how challenging.