Silver Sadness Beneath Chores

Cap Kotz
2 min readDec 26, 2023
Author and MJ

The Yoga Infused Chores YouTube Channel took off faster than Silver and Darlene expected. Followers liked, loved, and asked for all kinds of chore demos. Having committed to bi-weekly posts, Silver and Darlene felt pressure closing in. They agreed to take on one weekly post each, and Silver found herself unprepared for a wall of resistance.

She upgraded the Basic Broom Sweep, taking the Yoga Infusion closer to the core.

She had two brooms, an old-fashioned straw, and a smaller, plastic one. The basic movement, sweeping left to right and right to left, stretched and engaged the obliques, the muscles that lace the front and back of the body at either side. Taking the stretch to the core required she slow down like seeing athletic footage for analysis.

Silver felt her lower legs shutting down Sole Signals and froze, the broom handle unfamiliar in her hands.

First, she turned up the Sole Signal color vibe, but gray mist overwhelmed her, and next, she “woke up” in the bathroom, brushing her teeth.

Regrouping in the living room, Silver gripped her plastic broom, angled the bristles to sweep left, and paused — not quite a freeze, but close.

Yoga, an Eastern influence originally, had become a wall.



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