Sloane Series #6: Rocking the Bowl

Cap Kotz
1 min readApr 26, 2020

Sloane called a Zoom PB Drumming practice. Barb and Bixby showed up on his screen at the appointed time. They decided to change their name to Triangle Infusion, and warmed up with the basic pelvic bowl movements, pausing to share observations.

Barb, the drummer said, “PB Tilt, Scoop and Neutral is like shaking the dust out of my drum, getting real warmed up.”

Bixby the programmer favored the PB Uprock, said, “It’s the snare drum downstroke, man!”

Sloane said that the PB Wag allowed him more access to the lower spine and they all agreed that the Side Slide was an excellent way to access the transition to the next sequel.

They progressed through the PB movements, applying their air padded drum sticks to the movement of release. And, of course, their expertise ignited, and they followed each other to crescendo and release.

Cap Kotz

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