Addressing Drawing Anxiety

Cap Kotz
2 min readMay 14, 2021

Story Mapping involves a Clearing Journal for writing down and drawing discoveries gained as you hop on and off the self-awareness path navigating to your horizon where you declared something you want to strengthen or interrupt. Filling in your map details is a way of getting to know yourself better. Reactions and reactive patterns are identified and named. Obstacles and seductive side paths are noted, and Way Stations are drawn, each providing an opportunity for training, tool selection and sharpening, and various forms of rest and recovery. But what if you suffer from drawing anxiety? What if the very idea of drawing a line path and a sign next to it makes you want to quit and do something else?

Start simple, research the benefits from the act of drawing. Drawing and sketching have long been connected with improved creativity, memory, and stress relief. Sounds good, right? However, Anxiety is not easily dissuaded from protecting you from vulnerability and exposure. Start simple. Sit down with your Clearing Journal and a writing tool. Draw a circle. Draw another, intentionally inviting anxiety triggers to explode. As anxiety escalates, visualize your sole grid.

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Under the circle, draw a vertical line for a neck, a horizontal one for the shoulders, two lines for the arms, a vertical torso line, a horizontal pelvic bowl line, and two legs. Every time Anxiety tries to get in the driver’s seat, visualize the sole grid sending signals, actually drawing. If you get overwhelmed, put the focus aside and do something else.

When you are ready, draw a line path extending from your stick figure to a distant horizon. Advance to drawing a sign. It can be helpful to research sign images. If you are inspired, fill in some details of your map; trees, bushes, and buildings, places where Anxiety Creatures hang out waiting to pounce!

Cap Kotz

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